The BrokerInTrust Story

Commitment, experience, professionalism — That’s the BrokerInTrust Promise!

BrokerInTrust is not a real estate sales company. It is a membership organization limited to only the most experienced, independent and highly successful real estate brokers.


BrokerInTrust members are meticulously vetted, time-tested professionals, with each offering impeccable credentials. They are real estate experts who have chosen to band together under a common goal: to shift 100% of the focus back to where it belongs — on the consumer.


Instead of competing with each other, they agree to consult and aid their peers in every real estate lease, sale or purchase transaction. We call this the “ConnectEffect”.


BrokerInTrust offices will rarely have 30 or more brokers in a single location and no sales agents. Indeed, BrokerInTrust believes it is in the best interests of clients to NEVER, EVER, hire ANY real estate agents. To focus on the consumer, BrokerInTrust offers a broker-only environment. Sales agents simply cannot qualify for membership in BrokerInTrust. Since agents represent 80% of today’s work force, that wipes out 80% of the uncertainty for consumers, leaving 20% of real estate licensees, all of whom are the better educated, more experienced, more dedicated real estate broker.

From that 20%, BrokerInTrust accepts only the top 15%.

That means anyone bearing a BrokerInTrust business card is guaranteed to be the best of the best: completed at least 50 transactions, no less than 5 years experience, met and surpassed advanced educational and licensing standards, a financially self-sufficient real estate broker who has or is qualified and capable to run their own business.

In short, BrokerInTrust is the new model for real estate companies, a new paradigm created to focus on one goal — you, the client!

Minus agents, BrokerInTrust’s all-broker network more closely resembles an insurance agency or a law or accounting firm. In those settings, individual, dedicated professionals come together to use a unified support system. This streamlined model keeps a professional’s focus where it needs to be. On the client. Each independent BrokerInTrust broker/owner derives their income entirely as a result of their personal and professional relationship with their individual clients. Accountability and performance truly matter! Collectively, the members of the BrokerInTrust Network offer an invaluable resource for today’s home buyers and sellers.

Remember the BrokerInTrust promise:

• Each BrokerInTrust members must have a minimum five years experience as a full-time real estate professional.


• Each broker must have completed a minimum of 50 sales transactions, before they can even apply. Most BrokerInTrust members will have completed several times the minimum. No other company can make that statement.


• Every BrokerInTrust member must achieve and maintain the highest level of licensing and training available within their specialty. The best decisions and superior client support emerge from extensive transactional experience. Yet, to stay astute, to maintain a sharp competitive advantage for clients, BrokerInTrust members commit to a demanding regimen of continuing education, conferences and specialized seminars. Only through a commitment to education and advancing their knowledge can a broker anticipate market trends and prepare for events likely to impact client decisions. Knowing the effect of and precisely when a new law, a change in tax policy, or when a local ordinance will take effect often saves clients many thousands of dollars.


 Members of the BrokerInTrust network will have access to a proprietary toolbox of personalized high technology benefits, including, BrokerInTouch, Broker Paperless Transaction Management, Technology Marketing Partners, andClient Message and Document Repository. Details of each are available at


• BrokerInTrust members must be financially stable, having already proven they are capable of running their own business. That’s a distinction that often eludes modern consumers, yet it is the keystone in the BrokerInTrust business model.


To truly advise clients in a professional way sometimes means recommending a course of action that might not be in a broker’s financial interest. Sometimes the perfect advise is to do nothing: to decide against buying, to reject an offer. By requiring our brokers to be financially self-sufficient, BrokerInTrust further ensures that the client’s needs come first.


We guarantee that anyone carrying a BrokerInTrust business card is one of the finest professionals in the business! They have earned their way to the top. They cannot buy their way into BrokerInTrust. Membership is gained through merit and accomplishment, only. That’s the BrokerInTrust promise.


Commitment, experience, professionalism — That’s the BrokerInTrust Promise!